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Moreton Pottery, Sydney
Leak Pottery, Sydney
Skinner Pottery, Sydney
Government Pottery, Sydney
McArthur Pottery, Sydney
Field Pottery, Sydney
Fowler Pottery, Sydney
Irrawang Pottery, Hunter Valley

Early NSW Potteries

This section relates to New South Wales potteries from first settlement until 1850. These are often referred to collectively (and rather loosely) as Convict potters.

"The Brickfields" area of Sydney was the centre of this early industry with the large potteries of Moreton, Leak, McArthur, Field and Fowler beginning there.

Lesser known early potters in the Sydney area were Samuel Skinner, William Cluer, Thomas Ball, and Joseph Elliott to name a few.

Most of these potters wares were not marked, which can make the process of attributing them difficult. One such piece is the Wellington jug, an ornate Wedgewood lookalike jug with profiles of topical people of the day in relief on the side. This piece of pottery is marked New South Wales in script writing on the base, similar to the Moreton made plaque stamped I Moreton & Sons, with New South Wales in script writing on the base.

One of the main lines of manufacture that interests us is the production of ginger beer bottles. These were usually impressed with either the potters stamp, the merchants name or a combination of both. A comprehensive list of these is on the Ginger Beer Bottles page.

Pint size ginger beer bottle made for Stodart, Tasmania.