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Moreton Pottery

John Moreton arrived in Australia during late 1819 as a convict with his family following soon after. He was set to work in the Government Pottery at The Brickfields in Sydney until he received his ticket of leave in 1822. From this time he ran his own pottery at The Brickfields with his wife Mary and children Ralph, Henry and Anson and daughter Mary until 1826 when he was arrested & sentenced for Burglary. He attempted this crime in order to pay his Assignment payments.
At the time his pottery works, which consisted of the plant in the Carters Barracks as well as kilns and a shop in George Street he shared with Jonathon Leak, was the sole colonial supplier of earthenware goods to the Government. In addition Wedgewood style Toby Philpot jugs, some of which may have been exported to Tasmania, were manufactured. It is difficult to ascertain why he would attempt this crime when his business was starting to be very succesful, however one can only speculate if his wife played a part in his conviction when you consider the extremes she went too to hide an affair she was having with a government servant, sending Anson aboard the man of war ship Respite and having her other son, Ralph, charged and sentenced for assult.

Through all this the family maintained the business until John Moreton's release. In the 1828 census, Samuel Giles was assigned as a pipe maker with William Hooker assigned as a potter, at this time the pottery was registered in Ralph Moreton's name.

The Sydney Monitor, 27th November 1830 The Monitor 13 November 1830

Anson Moreton continued the running of the pottery from this time.
On John Moreton's release he recommenced in partnership with his family mainly making tobacco pipes and ginger beer bottles. The pottery was listed as THE SURRY HILLS POTTERY.
John Moreton and his sons made a range of wares including, ginger beer bottles, finely made plaques, jugs and water coolers as well as taking casts of convicted murderers and bushrangers. Some of this ware was impressed with the MORETON or I MORETON & SONS POTTERS stamps.
Ginger beers stamped with both Moreton and the merchants name are:





G W / MORETON (most likely George Williamson)

To the right a large size (approximately pint) ginger beer stamped: I Moreton & Sons Potters
and a small (approximately half pint) ginger beer simply stamped Moreton.

Sydney Morning Herald 15 August 1844 Sydney Morning Herald 10 November 1847

John Moreton died at his Surry Hills residence in 1847.