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We are always chasing pre 1930 Australian pottery.
Ginger Beer bottles, demijohns, teapots, water filters, butter coolers, bread plates, and more!
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Beechworth Pottery, Victoria
Bendigo Pottery, Victoria

Beechworth Pottery

H.L. & E.

Hambleton, Lindop & Eastwood, Beechworth Pottery. Circa 1886-1888

Ovens Pottery. Circa 1890-1891.

Bendigo Pottery

Bendigo Pottery Company enclosed Anchor. Circa 1883-1888

Bendigo Pottery small stamp in two straight lines often seen on Langley Ware. Started use Circa 1915. "Leadless Glaze" stamp was apparently added later - c1920s.
Overall date range Circa 1915-1930s.

Circa 1898-1920s?

Bendigo Pottery "Clockface" mark from the base of a character jug. Circa 1900s.