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We are always chasing pre 1930 Australian pottery.
Ginger Beer bottles, demijohns, teapots, water filters, butter coolers, bread plates, and more!
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Yeates Pottery, Longford
Huon Pottery
Goulburn Street Pottery, Hobart
Sherwin Pottery

Early Tasmanian Potteries

There were several early potteries in Tasmania and a few had some measure of success in providing wares for the fledgling colony. The earliest potters had difficulty creating impervious items and so many ginger beer bottles or other containers had to be imported from Sydney or England. Gradually the local potters overcame these difficulties and locally produced bottles and the like became more prevalent.

There are numerous different items from these early makers that are either marked or can otherwise be identified, particularly from Yeates, Sherwin, Huon or Goulburn Street potteries. The links to the left of this page will give more details on these potteries as information is added.

Jam jar made by Yeates, Longford (image courtesy ABC Review).